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Georgia is one of the three republics in the South Caucasus. It is an ancient country and recently gained its independency with the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991. The state integrity is challenged by Russian-supported breakaway republics, but which are not recognised by the international community.

With the non-violent replacement of a corrupt government during the Rose Revolution in 2003, Georgia was the first in a series of “Colour Revolutions” sweeping the NIS states.

The new government initiated a series of political and economic reforms that earned it the label “number one economic reformer in the world”. While the country is making significant progress, more than half of the population still live below the poverty line.

Soil, air and water pollution lead to poor health conditions and decrease the quality of life for the Georgian people. Nearly 40% of the rural population lacks access to safe drinking water. Ninty percent of the sanitation facilities in rural areas are unsustainable septic tanks or pit latrines.

WECF is working at improving the conditions for these people by educating the population, supporting the use of ecological sanitation and increase the use of organic agriculture.

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Support of climate protection via sustainable energy by training and capacity building of local partner NGOs in Caucasus and Central Asia and networking between them
„Förderung des Klimaschutzes durch nachhaltige Energie mittels Training, Kapazitätsausbau und Vernetzung lokaler NRO-Partner im Kaukasus und in Zentralasien“

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Empowerment & Local Action (ELA)
Building the capacity of poor local communities in rural areas