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Water solidarity between Kyrgyzstan and France continues successfully

Safe water and sustainable sanitation for the village An-Oston, Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan


Countries: Kyrgyzstan, France
Donors: Water Agency Artois-Picardie, St Omer Municipality, UNDP-GWS, Jety-Oguz Rayon, Natracare, local villagers.
Partners: WECF and KAWS
Issues: Water & sanitation; gender & rights
Duration: 10/2016 - 12/2018

In the first phase from 2014-2015, the water supply network was rehabilitated and connected to a neighbouring water source providing 24 hours safe water for the households. The women-led water committee (CDWUU) was established and the water supply is managed sustainably thanks to the capacity building of KAWS. More information on the first project phase can be found here:

Families are happy about the improved water supply

This second phase of the project represents a straight continuation of the first phase, following the same principle of a sustainable water supply system for the village. This phase aims to provide safe water to all households including the new settlement which had no water supply before.

The project covers the wastewater management which becomes a burning issue when the households start to install washing machines, flush toilets and other water devices. In order to protect the environment and safeguard public health, individual wastewater system - septic tank with a biological filter - are found to be a feasible solution. The model of a septic tank was built in the village and a group of workers were trained on this task to create a skilled mobile group that will be able to build other septic tanks. Awareness has to be created among the villagers, flyers have been produced. So far, 12 households expressed their wish to start the construction of the individual wastewater treatment system in 2018.

The activities for 2018 will include the capacity building of the CDWUU so it will be sustainable and self-sufficient. CDWUU will be supported in the establishment of a new budget and tariff according to the expansion of the water supply system to the new settlement and also the construction of a resource center.

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