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Women’s priorities for the Post 2015/SDG agenda

Women Major Group regional capacity building and participation in UN post2015 SDG meeting

11.11.2013 | WICF Project

Countries: Worldwide
Donors: GIZ
Issues: Gender & Rights
Duration: 11/2013 - 12/2014

Women's organisations mobilising and influencing Sustainable Development and Post-­‐2015 Development Agenda Processes at regional and global level With a focus on the African and Transition countries.

The Women's Major Group (WMG), co-­led by WECF, facilitates meaningful participation of diverse women's groups, civil society organisations, social movements and women from indigenous and other communities in international policy negotiations on issues of sustainable development.

Objectives of the “Women’s Priorities for Post 2015 and SDGs” project
  • To strengthen women’s movements globally in promoting together key priorities for women’s rights and empowerment as part of a new global development agenda, and build alliance and support from other sectors of civil society and government
  • To incorporate diverse women’s movement priorities into WMG input on policy, intergovernmental and consultation processes, with a focus on priorities of women from the economic south;
  • To ensure that gender equality and justice, women's rights as human rights, and sustainable development are core priorities of the SDGs and post-­‐2015 development agenda framework, goals, targets, indicators and means of implementation;
  • To ensure equitable and regionally balanced participation by Major Groups (Women’s Major Group) in the SDG process and related post-­‐2015 processes, with particular focus on full and meaningful participation by diverse women from the economic south.
  • To enable grass roots women from the EECCA and African region to present their solutions and priorities to international actors and decision makers, thus contributing to ensuring that women’s perspectives, needs and contributions are strongly reflected in the policy outcomes of post-­‐Rio+20 processes, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the post-­‐2015 development agenda.
Focus on developing countries and countries in transition
The “Women priorities for Post2015 and SDGs” project will focus on developing countries and countries in transition, linking the regional women’s priorities (Africa, EECCA) to the global agenda for Post2015 and SDGs.

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