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Engaging youth as multiplication agents in climate change and energy awarenes raising in rural communities

04.12.2014 | WECF Project

Countries: Georgia
Donors: German Embassy in Georgia /Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany
Partners: Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA)
Issues: Climate & Energy
Duration: 10/2014 - 12/2014

The project aims to educate youth as messengers and change makers for the awareness raising on and development of solar energy in rural Georgia.

The following activities are foreseen:

  • Activity 1: Summer/Autumn school for youth interested in Renewable Energy and working as masters. 20 young people will participate in an 8 day summer school on Climate Change and Renewable Energy.
  • Activity 2: 10 Replication workshops by the trained youth in their communities to raise awareness on the topics they have learned in the training. The workshops are informative and interactive.
  • Activity 3: Survey among 250 population by training participants on interest, knowledge and readiness to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency

Besides high energy poverty, there is a lack of awareness and skills among the population due to lack of educational infrastructure providing vocational training or skill enhancement on sustainable energy for craftspeople. This is especially true for rural areas, from where the participants will be selected. Local production of energy equipment is underdeveloped. Often, devices are not properly installed, operated and maintained due to a lack of knowledge.

Therefore the project build the capacity of youth from rural areas to construct, maintain and monitor solar collectors, and on climate change and gender. This knowledge will be shared with fellow villagers, and applied in the trained youth’s engagement in WECF and partners projects such as NAMA, where specialists are needed.

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