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Humanitarian Roofing project in Prislop, Romania

Thanks to gifts from private donors in many countries 42 families received sheets for making their roofs water-proof

14.12.2011 | Margriet Samwel

Countries: Romania, The Netherlands
Donors: private donors
Partners: WECF Germany, WECF Netherlands
Issues: Water & Sanitation
Duration: 04/2008 - 11/2011

Prislop is a small Roma settlement nearby the city Sibiu in the county Transylvania. Thanks to mostly private donations from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and other countries, 42 leaking roofs were repaired and houses were made water-proof. This grassroots initiative was locally organized by a committed woman from the nearby city, while the house owners did all the work themselves. The project started in 2008 and was successfully ended in 2011.

42 families received help for repairing their leaking roofs

With initial donations totalling of almost 3000 Euros, the roofing project was started. In the first round, 15 families received help for repairing their roofs. Within 3 years, this number has increased to 42 families, the last roofs being fixed just in time before the start of winter.

The 15 families were selected according to criteria such as whether or not having a roof with many leakages, having children and having no or very little income. All the families were visited in advance and their houses were checked on leaks and overall state. Many of the families were known to Anca, the local project coordinator, who visits Prislop 3 times a week for cooking sessions in which 27 women take part. The sessions are combined with discussions about hygiene, healthy food, diseases and problems of their daily life, contributing to the self-confidence of the women.

Christina is one of the benificiares; is 21 years old and has 3 children

With the support of Illie, an inhabitant of Prislop, Anca organised for each of the 42 selected families in Prislop:

  • 20 „Guttapral“ bitumen roof sheets for covering at least a part of the huts of the families
  • 180 Screws for fixing the sheets
  • 5 Covers for the top of the roof

Since 2009, the materials were delivered to a square of the nearby village Rasinari, where Anca, Illie and WECF handed over the materials to the receiving families. Horses with cars took over the transport via the hilly and stony road from Rasinari to Prislop. The families themselves are responsible for fixing the roof sheets.

WECF continues supporting Prislop

The roofing action has not only had major impact on the living conditions of the Roma in Prislop, but has also added to their self-confidence knowing that people from Romania, the Netherlands, France and Germany want to improve their future. For many of the Prislop people living in those poor conditions, it is difficult to believe in a better future for them and their children. But besides the leaking roofs many families have corroded leaking stoves, causing smoke and bad air in the living rooms.

That means, WECF will continue with supporting the Prislop people for improving the living conditions.

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