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Centre d’Anālisi i Programes Sanitari

Country: Spain
City: Barcelona
Address: Rambla Santa Mōnica, 10, 1š (UGT Building)
Issues: Health
Home page:



CAPS (Centre d’Anālisi i Programes Sanitaris, in English: Analysis and Health Programs Center) was established in 1983.

Objectives of the organisation:

  • To encourage scientific activities to improve the quality of life and health of the citizens.
  • To act as a forum around health care issues.
  • Training for health professionals, especially primary care physicians, and citizens through courses. Also, scientific and environmental dissemination and lectures.
  • To fight against discrimination in health services due to social class, gender, ethnic origins.
  • To empower the community to become responsible over its own health.

CAPS has a women's section called “Women, Health and Quality of Life”. Inside this group there is a network called “redCAPS”, where health professional women have set up a forum to exchange scientific information, events or opinions about women health. This group organizes a self-training seminar and an intensive course about clinical management every year.