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Eden Center

Environmental center for development, education and networking

Country: Albania
City: Tirana
Address: Rr. Bogdani, Pall. 7 katesh, K.4, Ap.33, kodi 1025
Home page:


What is EDEN center?
The EDEN (Environmental center for Development Education and Networking)
center is one of the most active organizations in Albania.

Mission: EDEN center is a nongovernmental, not politically oriented, not
for profit organization aiming to contribute in a sustainable development
and healthy environment through informing, educating and offering services
in partnership with the interested actors.

Vision:  EDEN believes that a sustainable development and a healthy
environment is possible.

The organization is established in March 2004 drawing on the expert
assistance received from Milieukontakt Oost Europa and has within its

-A well established group of trainers who commit themselves in
offering assistance and capacity building to its target groups;
-A group of Nature Guides which consist of young people prepared to offer
guides and environmental education in nature
-A youth group which consist of volunteers motivated and engaged for
different project awareness with community.
-A resource centre with a diverse library with editorials and
environmental information, which is created by centreís staff,
individual donation and partnerís contribution.
-Environmental Education  center- an information center within the Tirana
Zoo where nature guides provides EE activities like open classes,
experiments in nature, laboratory classes , nature guides etc.

To complete its strategic mission and objectives, EDEN is focusing its
work in four thematic pillars:

         Capacity Building
         Environmental Education
         Environmental Management Practices
         Public Information and Participation