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Environmental Protection and Health Network

Country: Sweden
City: 163 66 Spånga
Address: Stadingeplan 20
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Who are we?

Environmental Protection and Health Network (ENPROHNET) is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2008. The organisation is dedicated to the defence of human ecosystems in terms of human rights, the protection of our environment and the promotion of best practices.

Our objectives

  • To act as a peaceful pressure group, campaigning for change in the attitudes and policies of governmental, non-governmental and commercial organisations, where such policies and attitudes are likely to act against good health, sustainable sanitation and best environmental practices.
  • To assist rural communities, especially in developing countries to promote environmental and health awareness, sustainable sanitation, poverty alleviation and general upliftment in the standard of living.
  • To collaborate with similar organisation worldwide in the implementation and achievement of the above objectives.

ENPROHNET believes that environmental human rights depends upon sound conservation practices. Conservation is the wise use of natural resources with due regard for the rights of yet unborn generations. The best conservators with the most practical and genuine interest in the future of the local environment is the local people.

Conservation is best archived through sustainable development and participation. Sustainable development is the way to reverse both poverty and environment destruction. To achieve this, it will demand a broad public participation.

ENPROHNET aggress that:
Sustainable development
= Participation + Wealth + knowledge
= Empowerment of Local People
= Conservation

ENPROHNET spread it tentacles round the world to work with different groups, organisations and individuals to achieve a nice environment for us all and the generations yet to be born.