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Ecological and Cultural NGO

Country: Armenia
City: Yerevan 0010, RA
Address: Republic Square
Issues: culture and ecology
Home page:



The Ecological and Cultural NGO "Khazer" has been established in 1991. The "Khazer" NGO is a public organization, founders, members and participants of which are united by the idea, according to which basis of self-organizing of a society (community) as well as of development and sustainability of the public relations is preservation and restoration of national traditions, customs and, in general, spiritual heritage.

Structurally the NGO has two basic directions: Cultural and Ecological.

Priority in field of cultural activity of NGO is restoration, preservation and representation of Armenian medieval classical and national music, carried out by scientist and musician Mr. Karo Chalikian.

Environmental activities of the NGO are based on a principle, according to which protection and the careful attitude to nature are, first of all, moral issues, plaited with more general ones - preservation of spiritual heritage.

The NGO set up String Quartet "Nerses Shnorhali", violin duet and chamber choir "Nerses Shnorhali". In repertoire of these collectives are musical compositions of medieval Armenian classical music of V to XV centuries and national songs, which are found out, written down, restored and processed by the founder of the NGO - Mr. Karo Chalikian. The most significant foreign performances of "Nerses Shnorhali" choir were concerts in the Big Hall of Moscow Academy of Music in 1993 and "Carnegie Hall" in New York in 1994. In the field of culture the NGO promoted also the initiatives in field of cinematography, in particular, the creation of art and documentary film produced by Mr. Armen Gasparian "Liturgy", which has received awards at the international festivals.

In field of ecology, besides direct measures and projects, the NGO participates in restoration of Lake Gilly, in study and pasportization of natural and cultural monuments, development of the concept of environmentally harmonious development of small mountain villages and monitoring of ozone layer. The NGO also carries out environmental education and popularization of nature protection ideas, that is the ideas of UNEP. Since 1995 according to a specially developed procedure and as it is agreed with Russian Federation UNEP National Committee, at present the NGO is distributing the magazine of UNEP "Our Planet" in Armenia. The members and participants of the NGO have participated in a number of international seminars in the field of environment.


38, Saryan str.
Yerevan, 0002,
Fax: (37410) 583933
Tel: (37410) 534652