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In order to reach its goals WECF implements projects in partnership with local and international strategic partners  in over 50 countries. Project partners are usually members of the WECF network or of the “Women’s Major Group“ or “Women and Gender Constituency“ which are co-coordinated by WECF to ensure effective policy advocacy. International activities are implemented through the division WICF.

Acción Ecológica A.C.

Safe and Affordable Sanitation Access for Everyone
Kyrgyzstan, www.agerkech.wordpress.com

Czech Republic

Klimabewusst fliegen
Germany, www.atmosfair.de

BEF Estonia
Baltic Environmental Forum: provide environmental protection and management
Estonia, www.befgroup.net/

BEF Lithuania
Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania: provides environmental protection and management in Lithuania
Lithuania, www.bef.lt/en/

Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association
Germany, www.borda-net.org

The Clean Air Action Group
Hungary, www.levego.hu/en

Center for Public Health and Healthy Environment Development
Nepal, www.pciaonline.org/node/99

Decentralised Environmental Solutions
South Africa, www.des-za.org

Dolina Stobrawy
Local Action Group in Poland
Poland, www.dolinastobrawy.pl/en

EcoWaste Coalition
A public interest network of community, church, school, environmental and health groups
Philippines, www.ecowastecoalition.org

Empire State Consumer Project
A Non-for-Profit organization, dedicated for reducing the use of pesticides and other chemicals toxic.
USA, www.empirestateconsumerproject.blogspot.com

Energia Klub
Energy efficiency, renewable resources, climate protection, conventional energy resources and energy policy.
Hungary, www.energiaklub.hu/en

FoE Georgia
The Greens Movement of Georgia
Georgia, www.greens.ge

Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung
Germany, www.forum-ue.de/

Friends of the Earth International
The Netherlands, www.foei.org

Gender and Water Alliance
The Netherlands, www.genderandwater.org

Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarités
Afghanistan, France, www.geres.eu

German Toilet Organisation
Germany, www.germantoilet.org

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
A worldwide alliance of more than 650 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals.
Philippines, www.no-burn.org

Global Campaign for Climate Action
Global Campaign for Climate Action runs the TckTckTck campaign which strengthens global civil society action
, http://gc-ca.org

Global Dry Toilet Association
Finland's and the world's waters protection.
Finland, www.drytoilet.org

Global Forest Coalition
A coalition of NGOs and Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations defending social justice.
The Netherlands, Paraguay, www.globalforestcoalition.org

Green City
Germany, www.greencity.de

A non-profit environmental justice service and developmental organization in South Africa.
South Africa, www.groundwork.org.za

Grüne Liga
Germany, www.grueneliga.de/

Habitat Kyrgyzstan Foundation
Making dreams of simple, decent, affordable housing come true.
Kyrgyzstan, www.habitat.elcat.kg

Hamburg University of Technology
Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection
Germany, www.tuhh.de/aww

Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association
India, www.inseda.org


Janhit Foundation
Promotion of human welfare through environmental protection
India, www.janhitfoundation.in/

Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement
Social justice for all
Togo, www.ong-jve.org


Living Farms
Ensures farming communities' access to and control over food and farming systems
India, www.living-farms.org/site/

Mielie Food Garden
South Africa, New Link

Mütter gegen Atomkraft
Germany, www.muettergegenatomkraft.de/

National Toxics Network
A community based network working to ensure a toxic-free future for all
Australia, ntn.org.au

NGO's Mutual Aid Association

Germany, www.otterwasser.de

Planet Finance
International aid organization with the mission to alleviate poverty through the development of microfinance.
France, www.planetfinancegroup.org

France, www.prioriterre.org

Projekt 21 plus
Germany, www.projekt21plus.de/

Slovenia Institute

Solidaritätsdienst-international e.V.
Germany, www.sodi.de

Sortir du Nucléaire
French antinuclear coalition
France, www.sortirdunucleaire.org/

Norway, www.spareworld.org

Sustainable Research and Action for Environmental Development
Nigeria, www.sradev.org

Sustainable Sanitation Alliance
Germany, www.susana.org

Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Conservation and sustainable development in Sweden and internationally
Sweden, www.naturskyddsforeningen.se

Taiwan Watch Institute
Monitor environmental and ecological issues
Taiwan, www.taiwanwatch.org.tw

Nature conservation, environmental health and justice
India, www.thanal.co.in

Green ecological toys
Sweden, www.touffie.se

Demonstration Center, Ecosan Idea Advancement, Ecotourism

Civic Environmental Foundation
Kyrgyzstan, http://www.unison.kg

University of Tiblisi
Georgia, www.tsu.edu.ge

University of Wageningen
Netherlands, www.wageningenuniversity.nl

Women’s Action for Development
India, www.wafdindia.org

Wildcard Research and Communications
United Kingdom

Women and Life on Earth
Germany, www.wloe.org

Women's Institute
United Kingdom, www.thewi.org.uk

Za Zemiata
Works for sustainable life on our planet and combats exploitation of people and nature.
Bulgaria, www.old.zazemiata.org

Booking agency for female speakers
Netherlands, www.zijspreekt.nl