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WECF helps to promote ecological sanitation in UK

20.09.2007 |Solomiya Babyak

This year’s Waveney Greenpeace Fair, the second largest fundraiser for Greenpeace UK after the Glastonbury festival, took place on 2nd September. The event is held on the farm of Paul and Sue Watkin, who host many Spring and Summer events, including a Juggler’s Convention, Drum Camp, Dance Camp East, Quaker Camp and Buddhafield East. This year’s Greenpeace Fair is the 14th to be held on the site with only 2004 cancelled due to heavy rain.

The fair is great fun and a place for meeting friends, but also aims to present information on community projects and environmental issues such as eco-building, renewable energy and sanitation. Moreover, visitors can use a variety of waterless Ecosan toilets, male and female urinals, all specially built to suit the needs of the location and events.

The development of toilets on the site has been a close collaboration between Adam East and Paul Watkins with input and help from other site users. The basic designs are based around ‘all in one’ barrels or 1000 liter boxes, having liquid drained and pumped into other containers; in this way solids and liquids are separated without the possible problems un-familiar users might have with urine diversion. Male and Female urinals are an important part of the strategy of urine reduction and generally consist of straw or hay bales onto which people are invited to Pee. All materials are treated and returned to the land at Hulver Farm, assisting the production of ‘Long Straw’, harvested traditionally for use in thatching houses.

Adam became interested in the WECF experience of building urine-diverting (Ecosan) toilets when he was directed to this website and then requested copies of posters and leaflets. The display on ecological sanitation, made out of GTZ posters, WECF information, other published materials and even a sample of the UD squatting slab, were presented on the side of an A frame toilet (see pictures). This was rather an obvious and direct case of ‘theory and practice’! It is hoped that the toilets, urinals and the display material will develop in the years ahead, with many thousands becoming educated in alternatives to the standard Water Closet (WC).

WECF is delighted to collaborate with Waveney Greenpeace in promoting ecological sanitation in Europe, by saving water, recycling nutrients and minimizing pollution.

For more information about Waveney Greenpeace Fair please visit their website.

Solomiya Babyak, WECF

Photos: Adam East, Waveney Greenpeace