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Sustainable energy in Germany – energy and climate training in Munich

WECF organises advanced training on the subject renewable energy, energy efficiency, international and German climate and energy politics

03.06.2008 |WECF Press Release

Munich, 03.06.2008 – On the occasion of the Bavarian climate week WECF, the international women's and environmental organisation (Women in Europe for a Common Future) organised an energy and climate training with the title “sustainable energy in Germany – projects and laws”.

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During the week about 50 NRO multipliers as well as local authorities, architects and energy experts from Western and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia discussed  German and international energy- and climate politics, the use of renewable energy (bio-energy and wind energy, water power and Solarthermie) alongside subjects as ecological scenery and forestry. Participants learned about concrete climate protection in Munich and its surroundings, and talked about their own experiences at home.

For WECF this  interlinking is especially important between  the local level and the international political level to create access to renewable energy for other countries and to speed up the fight against poverty by sustainable development. After the training, WECFand training participants travelled  further to Bonn to join the  UNFCCC Climate Change Conference, where a WECF Side Event „Nuclear energy: Obstacle for actual climate protection“ took place where examples were shown of human rights abuses by nuclear waste and uranium mines in the CIS countries is planned. WECF will observe the whole negotiations, give input and present decentralised, sustainable solutions.