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Akvo, partner of WECF, reached final four in Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition

WECF contributes with 8 projects to, an online internetplatforum which is designed to make it easier to match funds to small-scale sanitation projects.

21.09.2010 |Chantal van den Bossche

WECF contributes with 8 projects to, an online internetplatforum which is designed to make it easier to match funds to small-scale sanitation projects. Akvo has reached the final four in the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition, a global initiative to select the "best mobile internet startup".

Akvo wants Vodafone to back the development of the Akvo Phone, a powerful smartphone application that can transform how international development workers share progress every day. There's 150,000 Euro in prize money at stake and a lot of positive profile.

You can make a difference by voting for akvo, before midnight wednesday September 22. At the live final Saturday the 25th , the ranking from the public vote will carry equal weighting to the vote of one official panel member.

Vote via the akvo blog or via this direct link

What are you voting for?

Akvo Phone is a mobile application for smartphones that allows field
reporting on development aid projects, directly from a mobile phone.
Reports via Akvo Phone allow pictures, text, phone identity, geographic
location (GPS) and time of report, to be digitally signed and uploaded to
the Akvo Really Simple Reporting (Akvo RSR) system - verified for
non-tampering. We have working prototypes running on a Nokia N97 and an
Android phone.

One-click reporting

A picture can tell a thousand words, but a picture with guaranteed time,
date, location and sender ensures that those words also reflect reality.
Akvo Phone makes '1 click reporting' a reality. Point the camera at a new
well, the foundations of a school being built or a community gathering. The
Akvo Phone application ensures that the picture, where and when it was
taken and by whom, is not manipulated.

Why one-click reporting?

Many small NGOs spend as much as 50% of their time writing documents,
either applying for funds or reporting on how the funds are being spent.
One-click picture reporting, using the Akvo Phone in combination with Akvo
Really Simple Reporting, will free up time for the field workers to get on
with the job, increase transparency, allow for better collaboration and
improve how projects are being reported.

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