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In Great Sadness

WECF colleagues and members are mourning the loss of a great friend, an exceptionally gifted woman, Liza Danielyan, head of the WHO office in Armenia.

19.10.2011 |WECF colleagues and members

WECF colleagues and members are mourning the loss of a great friend, an exceptionally gifted woman, Liza Danielyan, head of the WHO office in Armenia. Liza passed away on October 13th 2011 after a long struggle against breastcancer.

“I am so very saddened to hear about Liza's death, she was such a bright, intelligent, friendly and loving woman who will be missed so very much by all her family and friends. I have such fond memories of working with Liza and was so impressed by her as a person”, says Helen Lynn, IAB board member of WECF.

“Liza will always stay in our hearts. She was a loving mother and daughter, a gifted singer, a recognized expert, a beautiful woman and a dear friend”, says Olga Speranskaya, former IAB Board member of WECF.

“This is such terribly sad news, she was so young, and so loved”, says Irene Dankelman, former BoT Board member.

“It seems so horribly unjust, that such a wonderful young woman, so talented, so kind, so beautiful, has been taken away from this world. We will always keep Liza in our heart and think about her. We know that her family and colleagues have given her so much love, and supported her in these months of suffering. Now she is in peace”, says Sascha Gabizon, executive director of WECF.  

“It is a stark reminder of why we are working on elimination of carcinogenic substances in our daily lives through our Safe Chemicals and Health programmes, so that young women like Liza don't have to suffer and die of a disease that shouldn’t even figure in their lives, indeed shouldn't figure in any woman's life”, concludes Helen Lynn.

"Elisabeth was our very admired and loved friend and colleague. We met her as a young medical doctor who took part in the first projects of your organization  AWWHE on health effects of chemical pollution and also was teaching at the University. She later  became head of the WHO in Armenia, in which position she showed commitment and courage. I admired the strength of her speeches and the courage combined with diplomacy which she showed in her responsible and often difficult position. But I also watched her as a loving mother and family member, as a great musical talent. She touched our hearts when she sang beautiful Armenian songs for us at several occasions", says Marie Kranendonk, honorary president of WECF.

Our thoughts are with her parents, her son, her brother, her colleagues, and all of who knew her. It is hard to find words for such a terrible loss.

All WECF colleagues and members

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