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NGO Decentralised Environmental Solutions (DES) - A New WECF Partner in South Africa

On 15 July 2011 NGO Decentralised Environment Solutions (DES) was founded in South Africa.

29.11.2011 |WECF

On 15 July 2011 NGO Decentralised Environment Solutions (DES), the new WECF partner in South Africa, was founded.

DES's vision is to link energy, water and food security in policy and local action - "clean, lean and green". The NGO strives to promote self-sustainable communities through linking innovative environmental solutions to people’s livelihood strategies in South Africa and focuses mainly on the following issues:
  • A healthier life through Improved Sanitation for All,
  • Sustainable agriculture through usage of nutrient rich effluent and
  • Food security and Job creation.

The starting points of the DES programme are the following projects:
  • Memorandum of Understanding between eThekwini Municipality, BORDA, Khanyisa Projects and Universitiy of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) on the treatment and re-use of domestic wastewater in Newlands Mashu, Durban.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between Ethekwini Municipality-BORDA-HERING-UKZN on prefabricated Community Ablution Blocks and DEWATS treatment modules
On 10 August 2011 the first two pre-fabricated DEWATS modules were installed in the Frasers informal settlement of EThekwini Municipality. They are treating domestic wastewater from a community ablution block serving 75 households. The treated wastewater is connected to a nearby evapo-transpiration area greening the lawn of a sports field. In total, Frasers informal settlement will get access to basic sanitation by means of five community ablution blocks. Read more.

More detailed information about the activities of Decentralised Environmental Solution (DES) can be found on www.des-za.org and on BORDA-SADC website.

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