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Nadezhda Kutepova – Questioning the “Normalization” Of Nuclear Power Energy in Russia

Ms. Kutepova’s speech on the impact of nuclear energy for local people, presented at the First International Convention of Environmental Laureates, March, 2012 in Freiburg

27.03.2012 |WECF

copyright photo: Daniel Schoenen

"I had never known about nuclear energy and nuclear materials, I was a common Soviet girl, I only had seen how many people around my family died or became disabled. And I thought it was normal! The question "why" did not came to my head. These horrible things were normal for me". The former are some of the opening lines of Ms. Kutepova’s speech at the First International Convention of Environmental Laureates.

Download the whole speech of Ms. Kutepova here

The above-mentioned event from 08 -11 March 2012 in Freiburg, Germany took place midway between the Durban and Rio +20 climate and sustainable development conferences. Under the motto “On the way to Rio +20”, the convention is pushing for the development and adoption of “The Declaration on Rio +20 by International Environmental Laureates”. The aim is to send a positive signal for achieving ambitious climate and sustainability goals as well as necessary innovations.

Ms. Nadezhda Kutepova, a member of WECF’s international advisory board, a head of the Ozersk-based NGO The Planet of Hopes, a lawyer and also a recipient of the award for Nuclear-Free Future, contributed to the event with a very powerful, moving and engaging speech. She expressed her deep criticism against the passive attitudes of the Russian decision-makers in relation to the lack of greater investments and stronger emphasis on alternative methods of energy supply.

In conclusion, Ms. Kutepova noted that “we have to promote an alternative energy system, based on high efficiency and clean, cheap and sustainable sources, which do not harm, which can work in case of any natural and technological disaster, and will be available for all the people still living in poverty and without energy today”.

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