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Women and Rio+20 Online Dialogue: A Final Opportunity for Input

Last input calls Wednesday - Thursday, June 6/ 7, 2012 & Logistics Manual for Rio Visitors for practical tips

01.06.2012 |WEDO & WECF

Dear colleagues,

As we approach the start of the last Rio+20 negotiations next week followed by the conference itself, WEDO (Women’s Environment and Development Organization) and WECF (Women in Europe for a Common Future) on behalf of the Rio+20 Women’s Major Group are pleased to invite you to share your inputs and perspectives and also engage in dialogue with activists and experts who have been actively involved in the Rio+20 process for the last few months.

If you are going to Rio yourselves, you can find all information on logistics in this English language Manual.

The chats will take place on the Women’s Rio+20 online community -- from Wednesday - Thursday, June 6/7, 2012 at the following times (3 time slots of 2 hours each, spaced out to allow participation from different time zones)

  • Wed, 9:30am – 11:30am (Europe); i.e. (3:30am (NY), 4:30am (Brazil), 7:30am (Ghana), 2:30pm (Thailand))
  • Wed, 5:30pm – 7:30pm (Europe); i.e. (11:30am (NY), 12:30pm (Brazil), 3:30pm (Ghana), 10:30pm (Thailand))
  • Thurs, 2:30am – 4:30am (Europe); i.e. (8:30pm- WED (NY), 9:30pm- WED (Brazil), 12:30am- THURS (Ghana), 7:30am- THURS (Thailand))

Each of the sessions will be conducted as a LIVE Chat in the Main Chat Room of the online community. You will need to sign up to the Women’s Rio+20 site to join the LIVE Chat.

Below, you will find the discussion topics. Each of these discussion topics is already posted to community site in the “Dialogue Forum” for you to start adding your thoughts/ experiences and /or questions. They will be used to facilitate dialogue during the LIVE session and will remain active through the entire Rio+20 conference. 

You can also tweet @Women_Rio20 during these times using the hashtag #WomenRio to ask any questions regarding the upcoming meeting or any of the topics listed below. 

Women and Rio+20 Online Dialogues- Topics

1)    Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are under discussion as a potential outcome of the Rio+20 conference. Both inside and outside the United Nations, SDGs are generating a lot of interest and discussion, but no agreement has yet been reached on how to include the SDGs in the Rio+20 outcome document (define process, priorities, goals, etc.).

The consultation is a chance to discuss how Rio+20 should contribute to the discussion on gender equality and women's rights in the development agenda after 2015. Other questions to consider include, Will the SDGs replace the MDGs once they hit their deadline, creating a new framework for global policy?  Or will the SDGs run alongside existing MDGs? Can the SDGs be useful for achieving interlinked goals of gender equality, economic and ecological justice? What lessons can we draw from the experience in implementing the MDGs?  To what degree should Rio+20 detail new SDGs? What are your views on the limitations and possibilities of such indicators, targets and goals in measuring and addressing gender and other disparities?

2)    What are your thoughts on key issues in the current negotiations? Weigh in now and chat with experts! (See times for specific topics)

a.    Mining, chemicals and waste (precautionary principle, no-go zones, phasing out harmful chemicals, risk assessments, technology assessment, free prior and informed consent, issues of finance) Wed, 9:30am – 11:30am (Europe); i.e. (3:30am (NY), 4:30am (Brazil), 7:30am (Ghana), 2:30pm (Thailand))

b.    Food, agriculture, energy (food sovereignty, rights to land, property and inheritance, indigenous knowledge, seed banks, extension services, access to sustainable modern energy sources, training, access to technology) Wed, 5:30pm – 7:30pm (Europe); i.e. (11:30am (NY), 12:30pm (Brazil), 3:30pm (Ghana), 10:30pm (Thailand))

c.    Health, Jobs and transportation (universal access, sexual and reproductive health and rights, voluntary family planning, right to decent jobs, transition for women to male-dominated fields, gender-sensitive transportation planning, issues of finance) Thurs, 2:30am – 4:30am (Europe); i.e. (8:30pm- WED (NY), 9:30pm- WED (Brazil), 12:30am- THURS (Ghana), 7:30am- THURS (Thailand))

3)    Women’s role in a sustainable and equitable economy
The outcome document will include a section on ‘Green economy’. While it should be defined nationally, what are core principles that must underlie a ‘green economy’ worldwide? What role do women play? How to incorporate the care / informal economy?

4)    Priorities Post-Rio
What do you want to see the women’s movement continue with in regards to Sustainable Development, regardless of the outcomes of Rio+20? While all attention is focused on Rio+20 in less than 2 weeks, it’s important to remember that Rio+20 is not the end. It will be the beginning in one sense, with a new guide to sustainable development for the next 2 decades. But, what about the areas where Rio+20 might fall short for linkages between gender equality/women’s empowerment and sustainable development? What are the priorities for women that must be taken forward no matter what?

5)    General Question Center
A catch-all for your Rio-related questions.

Make sure you go to now to sign up, take part in the LIVE Chat, and add your feedback to the discussion forum. If you have any questions, please contact


On behalf of Women’s Major Group

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