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Rio+20 Commitments by the Network of Women Ministers and WECF

The Network of Women Ministers and Leaders for the Environment, of which WECF is one of the civil society members, met at the Rio+20 summit in Brazil on the 20th of June, and presented its commitments to strengthen women's leadership in Sustainable Development, alongside UN Women, UNDP, IUCN and UNEP, during an event organised in the UNEP pavilion.

13.07.2012 |WECF News

On June 20th, the Network of Women Ministers and Leaders for the Environment met and were joined by leaders from UNEP, UN WOMEN, UNDP, IUCN,  and civil society members of the network including WECF and others to present their commitments for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development actions post Rio+20. WECF was one of the initiators of the commitments. UNEP commits a.o. to Ensuring that gender perspectives are fully integrated and implemented through UNEPís Programme of Work and in UNEPís support to its partners and stakeholders.

WECF commits to support the Network with the organisation of an annual Women's Good Practice Award and empowerment of 20,000 women.

The list with all commitments by the Network, WECF, UNDP, IUCN and others can be found here:


Latest Agenda for 20 June 2012 event in Rio

Photo: Co-chairs of the Network of Women Ministers and Leaders for the Environment, signing the commitments, from left to right, Amina Mohammed, Deputy Executive Director UNEP (secretariat of the network), Sandra Herrera, Deputy Minister of Environmental Regulation and Promotion, Mexico, Rejoice Mubudaphasi, Deputy minister of water and environmental affairs, South Africa, and Tomoko Nishimoto, director DRC, UNEP.

Photo: From left to right: representatives of GGCA, WEDO, GWP, the co-chairs of the Network for Women Ministers and Leaders of the Environment H.E. Rejoice Mabudaphasi and H.E. Sandra Herrera, Director DRC, UNEP Tomoko Nishimoto and Sascha Gabizon of WECF. Photo courtesy of UNEP

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