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One year later, participants of “Switch to Sun – Live in Comfort” evaluate impact solar heating and insulation measures

In a workshop conducted in Georgia, partner organizations from Georgia and Ukraine evaluated the results of the project “Switch to Sun – Live in Comfort” so far

10.07.2013 |WECF

Switch to Sun

One year later, participants of “Switch to Sun – Live in Comfort” evaluate the impact of solar heating and insulation measures

The project “Switch to Sun – Live in Comfort”  is bearing good fruits. On 8-11 June, 2013, WECF and one of its partner organizations in Georgia, RCDA, organized a workshop in order to evaluate the systems of house heating and solar heating implemented in Georgia and Ukraine in 2012. In the meeting, trained craftsmen and representatives of partner organizations discussed the successes and problems of the experience. The discussion was based on the results of a four-day monitoring conducted by WECF with the help of experts from Solar Partner Sud and GERES. The experts inspected six house heating systems and 12 insulated houses in Georgian target rural villages.

The talks have shown that the project partners are interested to continue using these technologies, as benefited households reported an increase in comfort during the winter, as well as a reduction in the need of fuel. The monitoring results pointed out that insulated rooms hold heat much longer than non-insulated rooms.

However, the meetings have also demonstrated that different regions require different technology, and that improvements can be made. For example, while in Georgia window insulation was the preferred technology; in Ukraine most houses received roof insulation. The participants of the meeting have agreed that there is a big potential to improve the systems, and attentive monitoring is the key to do it. For this reason, a special session on monitoring was conducted during the meeting.

With these overall positive results in the implementation of solar collectors, the challenge now is to popularize the technology. One of the conclusions made by the Georgian participants is that there are people are willing to construct, buy and install solar collectors – however, the business needs to be further developed in the region. They hope that, once more people use this technology, it will become more widely recognized as an option.

The project “Switch to Sun – Live in Comfort” is part of EU Energy and thus funded by the European Union.

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