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Landmark textbook published on children's environmental health

First comprehensive overview of environmental determinants shaping our children's lives

21.03.2014 |

Edited by Philip Landrigan and Ruth Etzel, the Textbook of Children’s Environmental Health provides a detailed overview of the field of children’s environmental health. The textbook fills a void in the available scientific literature at a critical time when statistics show children’s health deteriorating worldwide, with increased incidence of diabetes, obesity, asthma, developmental disabilities and certain cancers.

While there are myriad factors contributing to this worrying development, several environmental causes, such as toxic pollutants in our air, water and food, have been identified. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has found that nearly a quarter of child mortality is linked to environmental causes. It is therefore imperative that governments address this pressing issue.

Landrigan and Etzel highlight pregnancy as a critical period for the adverse impacts of environmental influences, not only for the baby but even for future generations. They strongly advocate for preventive policy to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals.

The book is available at Oxford University Press. Alternatively, you can read a more extensive review here.