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Work experience in renewable energy

French students receive work experience in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan

23.04.2014 |WECF France

Two students of the �Licence Pro� at the IUT in Annecy, majoring in Renewable Energies, are currently performing work experience in Kyrgystan with one of WECF�s partner NGOs.

For the past four years WECF France, in partnership with the Institut Universitaire de Technologie (�IUT�) in Annecy, has organised work experience segments in one of its network countries for students of the �Licence Pro� (a vocational bachelor�s degree, unique to France) who are majoring in studies on renewable energy.

After initial practical training at the SOLAR Partner enterprise in Germany, Benoit Godechot and Benjamin Haecklar worked at the University of Bishkek, with the aim of promoting solar energy amongst Kyrgyz students. They then helped with the maintenance and repair of various installations - including thermal and solar hot-water devices, solar heating installations and fruit drying apparatus � in the mountainous region of Issyk Kul.

Benoit and Benjamin are inspired by the warm hospitality of the Kyrgyz people and by the development of renewable energy solutions in this country. 

This work experience program offers students both valuable professional experience, and a rare personal adventure. Thanks to WECF France and the Pierre Ledoux Foundation, participating students leave first for Germany, then for a country in Central Asia, where they hone their technical skills and make installations which are destined to improve the daily life of people living in developing countries.

The work experience program takes place in three stages:

1.    One week�s preparation in France, where the IT skills developed by the students over the previous year (namely, on software for sizing and designing installations) are optimised.

2.    Four weeks with WECF�s German partner enterprise �Solar Partner Sud� in the municipality of Kienberg, Bavaria. Here, the students perfect their knowledge of building and setting up wooden solar panels, soldering, and fastening them onto rooftops.

3.    The �on the ground� stage, with WECF�s NGO partners in Kyrgyzstan or Georgia. Here, ecological projects are performed and local communities are mobilized to help their impoverished populations.

For more information on the Licence Pro at the Annecy IUT, follow this link.