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Recommendations by the Women's Major Group for the zero-draft SDGs

The Women’s Major Group welcomes the zero-draft for Sustainable Development Goals as presented by the co-chairs of the Open Working Group on June3rd, which sets a good basis for ambitious global goals.

18.06.2014 |WICF

The Women’s Major Group has consulted with its 500+ member organisations in 100 countries worldwide and brings the following suggestions to strengthen the proposed goals and targets, adding certain aspects which are essential to be included, and proposing to delete one goal and several targets to help streamline.

Women represent over 50% of the world population, and are the majority of the poor, therefore women’s human rights and gender equality should be at the core of the SDG post2015 agenda. We call on governments to recognize therefore that goal 5 on gender/women will need more targets than other goals.
We also support the intervention by Benin stating that 17 goals is not necessarily ‘too much’ seen the immense task of this global agenda.

The Women’s Major Group recommendations for the zero draft on SDGs

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