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International Hand Washing Day in Kyrgyz Bokonbaevo village

Hand wash training under guidance of WECF's partner KAWS

28.10.2014 |

Washing hands with clean water and soap is the only effective method to protect public and individual health. Hand washing can prevent the distribution of diseases such as colds, diarrhoea, hepatitis A or cholera. Each year 1.5 million children die from diarrhoea worldwide. Hand washing with soap would reduce child mortality by 44%.

On October 15, 2014, the International Hand Washing Day, the water team "Aqua Planet" under the direction of KAWS, conducted a training on hand washing for 1st grade pupils at the secondary school of Bokonbayevo village, Ton district, Issyk-Kul region, Kyrgyzstan. The result of the programme "Proper hand washing" was that about 130 primary school pupils were trained.

The main objectives of the training were:
  • Raising the pupils’ awareness of the importance of hand washing for reducing daily health risks
  • Creating/reinforcing the habit of hand washing
  • Giving information on the need of hand washing at school and in households

During the training, members of “Aqua Planet” showed standard procedures of hand washing in practice. They explained the importance of hand washing and pointed to the need of distributing information among family members, especially brothers and sisters.

The programme also included an interactive game of hand washing exercises with “glitterbug” lotion and powder and a UV lamp.

In summary, the members of the water team came to the conclusion that it will be more successful to provide such trainings to pupils from the classes 2-3 and during out-of-class hours for secondary school students.

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