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The Meeting was taking place on 17 April 2015 with civil society and multilateral partners on the preparation of the new EU Action Plan for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in International Cooperation and Development

25.04.2015 |

WECF participated in the meeting on 17 April, which started with a short evaluation on Gender Mainstreaming 2007-13. The key finding was that the strategy and approach of gender mainstreaming has not been consistently used.

A 5 C framework was adopted looking at these five elements:

  • Commitment (within institutions and leadership)
  • Accountability
  • Cash
  • Capacity
  • Context knowledge.

The final report will be extensively presented in a meeting on 24 April in Brussels and will also be released on the same day.

The rest of the day a consultation about the new Gender Action Plan II (GAP) took place. As presented by Marina Marchetti, Head of Sector Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination, the objective was to identify key transformative priorities towards the improvement of gender equality and an institutional change. Therefore, four main issues were chosen:

  1. Physical and psychological integrity
  2. Inclusive and sustainable growth
  3. Voice and participation
  4. Institutional cultural shift.

Priorities will be country-context based and the indicators will be based on the SDGs and on the EC Results Framework as well as on country specific proxy indicators. When to report is not yet clear, it might be yearly. In 2017 a mid term review will provide the possibility to adjust the plan and make changes accordingly.

The discussion was multi dimensional, but showed that civil society was concerned about the lack of a strong human rights based approach and of a clear statement regarding the underlying causes of discrimination of women. Furthermore, important shortcomings in relation to various thematic issues were highlighted, in particular noted WECF the missing of mentioning climate change as a deficit. Others pointed out that a strong cooperation with civil society was important.

DEVCO welcomes further input until 28 April. For further information please contact Anke Stock .