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Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice

Women’s groups launch an international campaign to take action on the road to the global climate negotiations in Paris in December 2015

27.07.2015 |

Women’s groups from all over the world call on organizations/individuals to take action on the road to the global climate negotiations in Paris in December 2015. WECF/WICF is part of the Women’s Climate Call Coordinating Committee.

Download here the full text of the ‘Call’

Representing women in every region of the world, the campaign committee calls for:

  • System change not climate change
  • Avoiding a 1.5 degree global temperature rise
  • Ensuring gender equality and human rights in all climate actions
  • Keeping oil and fossil fuels in the ground
  • Transitioning to 100% safe and renewable energy
  • Implementing energy efficiency and conservation measures everywhere, by everyone
  • Dramatic and urgent reduction in production and consumption patterns by everyone, including and especially by those who have contributed the most to this problem from the developed world
  • Commitment by developed countries to take the lead in the fight to address the climate crisis and to provide developing countries with the means to mitigate and adapt to climate change, in a spirit of solidarity and justice.


This global campaign is aimed at providing a framework for mobilization, but actions and activities can be designed to fit your local, national and regional contexts. Examples of what you can do include:

  • Endorse the ‘Call’ and share it with your organization, contacts, friends, and with local and national media
  • Plan a march or rally in your city or community
  • Write an article on women’s experiences of climate change for your national or local newspaper
  • Develop a national pledge for the actions/themes you will undertake in the lead-up to Paris
  • Write and release a publication corresponding to one or more of the monthly themes
  • Host an event/webinar or teach-in
  • Go on a local radio program to raise awareness on the issues
  • Stage a protest or ‘sit-in’ at the headquarters of a corporation or industry with unsustainable practices
  • Develop a policy brief for your national government to bring new legislation on gender and climate change
  • Attend international meetings as a policy advocate for women’s rights issues in climate policy
  • Host an art exhibit to showcase the impacts of, or solutions to, climate chaos
  • Organize a training program for renewable energy solutions for your local community


This is only a partial list of suggestions. Please feel free to be creative and design your own actions! And don’t forget to share your activities with the Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice! Upload them to the campaign’s collective website to help amplify our collective work and movement building!


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