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A Warm Home for Households in Ukraine: Knowledge for a Sustainable Future in Eastern Europe

WECF and Ecoclub jointly create awareness on sustainable energy in Ukraine

07.08.2015 |

Knowledge and information are the most important tools to change long-term circumstances. In Ukraine and other regions of Eastern Europe, there is little knowledge of insulation and thermal insulation of houses.

Until recently, economical use of energy was not a major issue in people's lives. Energy use, gas in particular, was very low. Last year the situation changed dramatically. The political conflict between Russia and Ukraine fuels the desire for independence. This is especially true for independence of energy.

Awareness on sustainable economic activity in the energy sector is emerging in Eastern European countries. To support this process actively, WECF collaborated with Ecoclub, a local organization in Riwne, Ukraine. The German television programme Heute im Osten paid attention to our partner Ecoclub and the energy situation in Ukraine. Watch the movie clip here.

Together with Ecoclub, WECF developed a guide that teaches people how to isolate and insulate households in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. The guide allows citizens to save and use energy more efficiently, which means less energy needs to be imported. It creates awareness, saves money and protects the environment. Would you like to help us make this knowledge accessible to everyone? Please make a donation here.

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