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"Global Warming Affects Women More than Men"

Anne Barre, president of WECF France, was interviewed by Radio France Internationale about gender, climate change and the upcoming climate summit in Paris

06.11.2015 |

Anne Barre, the president of the French section of WECF, was recently interviewed by Radio France Internationale about gender, climate change and the upcoming climate summit in Paris.

The RFI interview on SoundCloud

In the interview, Barre spoke about how the problems of climate change affect women more than men. This is the case within developing countries, as women represent 70% of the poorest in the world and often have to depend on the ecosystem in which they live for their livelihoods. In case of climate change related disasters, women are often also less informed than men and in some countries are not able to leave the house by themselves, which leaves them to be a disproportionate number of the victims of these disasters.

However, climate change also affects women in developed countries, as the new education systems and jobs created by the energetic transition in these countries are mainly focused on attracting men.
Although women are also often most engaged in solutions for climate change, this is not visible in the decision-making structures. According to Barre, women need to be at the forefront of the COP21 but they are currently not. Furthermore, human rights and gender equality need to be pillars of the new agreement but should also implemented and mentioned in a concrete way.

Support WECF as part of the Women and Gender Constituency in their Global Call for Climate Justice to make sure these issues are addressed in Paris.

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