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In the media: WECF at the COP21

WECF had her voice heard in meeting rooms and to the public via interviews in Le Monde, Libération, Elle, Klimaretter and Bavarian TV news

10.12.2015 |

Before and during the COP21 in Paris, WECF was able to let her voice be heard in meeting rooms and to the public.


WECF's Executive Director Sascha Gabizon was interviewed by French newspaper Libération. Sascha Gabizon : «Il faut accepter cette responsabilité historique» was the headline of the piece, published November 30, at the start of the COP21. Sascha Gabizon mentioned the key role of women civil society organisations. Our aim being to remain below 1,5 degrees. She hoped that when the French  President, spoke of „electricity for everyone in Africa“, he did not refer to ‚False Solutions‘ such as nuclear energy, as nuclear is utterly inappropriate to electrify Africa, as it can be done much faster via decentralised renewables, than through centralised-grid-based super expensive and dangerous nuclear, which is not resilient to floods, draughts and other climate disasters.

The German magazine for climate and energy transition – – interviewed WECF’s Executive Director, Sascha Gabizon. Sascha spoke about WECF’s objective to include gender equality at the heart of international climate policy, since women are still a huge marginalized group when it comes to climate issues.

In line with this interview, Irene Dankelman – treasurer of WECF’s Board of Trustees – was interviewed by the Dutch magazine on the position of women in today’s society, Opzij. As an official advisor to the Dutch climate delegation team, she highlighted the unequal consequences women encounter from climate change. Nevertheless, her main argument is to involve more women in all policy-making processes regarding the environment. Moreover, she called for an integration of women empowerment throughout a future climate agreement.

Bavarian TV

WECF’s Senior Coordinator Climate Change, Sabine Bock, was interviewed by Unkraut, a German television magazine on environmental issues on ARD, Bayerisches Fernsehen (Bavarian TV). Unkraut devoted a fourty-five minute episode to the COP21. Next to the motivation of WECF to participate in the COP21 and the proces leading up to the climate conference, the presenter also spoke with Sabine on the influence citizens can have in a climate summit such as this one. The entire broadcast can be seen here and the interview with Sabine starts from 00.20.17.

Le Monde

WECF’s message that women are an unmistakable part of any climate agreement was not only  picked up in the German media. Le Monde, the main newspaper of France, published an entire article on the voices and standpoints of women during the last week of the climate summit in Paris with an interview with long term WECF member Nino Gamisonia from Georgia.


WECF France president Anne Barre was interviewed by French Elle on the role of women during the Climate Summit in Paris. "Pourquoi les femmes sont les premières victimes du dérèglement climatique?" Why are women the first victims of climate change?


WECF partner Priscilla Achakpa was featured in a lenghty piece in this month's Vogue Magazine "Meet thirteen women on the frontline of global warming"

And WECFs Climate Director Sabine Bock was quoted in the same article as the President of the United States, Barack Obama:

Stimmen zum Pariser Klimaabkommen!5261357/

A full overview of the WECF press coverage can be found here


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In the media: WECF at the COP21
WECF had her voice heard in meeting rooms and to the public via interviews in Le Monde, Libération, Elle, Klimaretter and Bavarian TV news

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