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Empower Women - benefit All Uganda: Conservation Agriculture increases yield of the farmers

Master thesis of Afke Jager from Wageningen University shows that use of Conservation Agriculture (CA) leads to higher yield of 30% on average

07.01.2016 |

In the two Ugandan target districts of the WECF coordinated EWA project, 100 farmer groups participated and more than 90 demonstration fields were established. Evidence showed that the use of CA lead to higher yield of almost 30% on average, but also to a higher demand for labour.

The aim of the demonstration fields was to show how to increase the yield and income of the farmers, how to reduce erosion, and to transfer knowledge on sustainable farming. Two agricultural methods were used on the demonstration fields; one part of the field was dedicated to conservation agriculture (CA), and one part to traditional agriculture (TA).

Higher yield, higher demand for labour

After 2 years and 3 months of the project, Afke Jager, Master student of Wageningen University, carried out a comparative analysis of CA, the level of adoption and replication of CA within her master thesis. Evidence showed that the use of CA leads to higher yield of almost 30% on average, but also to a higher demand for labour. The attribution of the higher labour demand could not fully be explained based on the data available. Almost 90% of the interviewed respondents adopted one or more principle(s) of CA on their own land.

The full paper can be downloaded here

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