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Field visit to CLEEN partners in Kutaisi and Khoni

In order to ensure a good cooperation field visits are undertaken on a regular basis. During this visits partners are coming together, information are exchanged and project sites inspected.

31.03.2016 |

Katharina Habersbrunner from Munich, WECF Germany as well as Anna Samwel and Leonie Domas from WECF Georgia visited partners of the CLEEN project. The first meeting was in Kutaisi with representatives of Students for Energy Efficiency. After that the office of Greens Region in Khoni was visited. The last stop was in the model village Ivandidi, where the energy cooperative 'Charte Mze' (Switch to the Sun) is constructing solar water heaters. This energy cooperative is newly established with support of Greens Movement of Georgia.

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