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Sascha Gabizon, WECF: ‘Gender equality and women’s rights as a crucial pillar to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals’

On April 19-20th, COFACE organised the conference ‘Sustainable Development Goals and Gender Equality' in Amsterdam, with Sascha Gabizon as one of the speakers

29.04.2016 |WECF

Sascha Gabizon at the International Conference of COFACE (Copyright: COFACE)

The European Union Presidency in this first semester of 2016 brought COFACE, the European Union of families, to the Netherlands, with the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker, joining as a speaker the first day.

For the first time since COFACE obtained the UN consultative status in 2014, they organised a joint event with the UN focal point on the family in Amsterdam. The University of Amsterdam hosted the event in the graduation ceremony room, a good place for COFACE to launch discussions on "Gender equality and empowerment of women", the focus of the event.

Experts focused on the involvement of men/fathers, and the so-called care gap. The 2-day conference touched upon the role of the EU in implementing the SDGs and the role of civil society organisations for the achievement of the SDGs.

Sascha Gabizon, Executive Director of WECF, discussed with Greet Vermeylen (EUROFOUND) and Paola Panzeri (COFACE) about the topic "Achieving gender equality and the SDGs through European Policies". In her presentation, she highlighted Gender equality and women’s rights as a crucial pillar to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Subsequently, you can watch her full presentation:

The formula for comprehensive and effective policy making consists in a combination of commitments and partnerships between European and National governments, public institutions, local authorities, academia and civil society organisations, all of which were represented at the event.
The conference offered a platform for exchanging ideas, opportunities to showcase inspiring practices from members and other stakeholders from allover Europe, and to share views, projects and plans which can drive family policy innovation in the future.

The ambition of COFACE is to join forces and to realise an Amsterdam action plan as an output of this conference, and as a contribution to achieving greater gender equality at all levels, stating: "Gender equality is our common goal, but it is also a condition for sustainable development".

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