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CLEEN Network: Platform for cooperation between local grass roots organizations on energy efficiency

Regional Network Meeting of Green Initiatives seeking to green the world with green energy for a sustainable and clean environment

13.10.2016 |

On September 19-21, 2016, WECF with her Georgian and Armenian partners organized a regional network meeting of grass roots organizations from Armenia and Georgia, working jointly on energy efficiency and climate change awareness as part of the CLEEN Program, funded by the European Union.

The network meeting took place in Bakuriani, Georgia and was organized by the Georgian partners ‘Students for Energy Efficiency’ and ‘Society Development Centre of Akhaltsikhe’, with support of the Georgian WECF office.

The aim of the meeting was to create a network and platform for cooperation between local grass roots organizations and to help them acquiring the information and knowledge they need, as well as to replicate local energy practices and to strengthen the advocacy impact, on the basis of sectorial regional partnerships of CSOs sharing common values and facing similar challenges.

The first day, experience and success stories of project of Ukrainian and Moldavian CLEEN network members were exchanged.  Olya Lyashchuk from EcoClub, Ukraine and Kate Schachter from Peace Corp, USA shared the examples of successful networks in general for better understanding of networking goals.

Inna Balaesh, communications expert from Ecoclub, talked to the participants about the main task of communication - building a relationship of trust within the community. She also referred to the importance of communication for networking and created attention to “new media” like Youtube and Facebook as they have a special role in the networking process.

On the second and third day, together with an invited expert from GTC, Besarion Sulaberidze,  members discussed the purpose of network establishment and signed an agreement on the CLEEN network. The document states that “Networking of green initiatives seek to green the world with green energy for a world with a sustainable clean environment, where people recognize themselves as part of nature and consume wisely, where the government implements and promotes green projects and initiatives together with the civil society, and business is interested in the development of the green economy.” Members considered that the network would give them a stronger voice and to make them heard by local and regional politicians and policy makers. After that, CLEEN network members started working on a draft of a joint position paper, with the mission, values, goals and main activities of the network.

As a result, tasks and further steps have been defined among members of the network, make sure that Georgian and Armenian partners with support of WECF will be working together to achieve CLEEN network goals. 

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