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Vote in the Women’s Major Group elections!

Our Executive Director Sascha Gabizon is running for regional Organising Partner of European, Caucasus and Central Asian region (UNECE).

08.02.2017 |

Sascha is currently one of the global Organising Partners. Together with the other 8 coordinators, has she helped to give women’s organisations a strong voice in the global process on Sustainable Development, the SDG and Agenda 2030!

With the Sustainable Development Goals now having to be implemented at the national level, Sascha believes we need to support our women’s organisations at national level to be recognised as key actors. Sascha, through her work with us, has an extended network of partner organisations and offices in the UNECE region. With activities covering 50 countries.

If she gets elected, Sascha aims to continue to develop the creation of a regional civil society engagement mechanism with its own regional “Women’s Major Group“ space, and to support WMG members in developing national activities to implement the SDGs, including SDG 5 on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of all Women and Girls.

Women's Major Group elections started yesterday, and all organisations who are registered with the WMG-Advocacy group are invited to cast their vote. Each organisation can only vote once, for 2 positions, a global coordinator (OP) position and a regional OP position. If your organisation is not registered, you can do so via www.womenmajorgroup.org and vote for whom you want to see as a coordinator in your region! Sascha and her co-coordinators have developed the new election procedures of the Women’s Major Group (WMG) with the regional Operational Partners. This is to ensure that there is a combination of rotation and continuity in the leadership. Therefore, for Sascha, this will be the last time she is nominating herself.

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