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SIGN: Statement on the Ministerial Declaration

Of the 2017 High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Goals

14.07.2017 |

The Women's Major Group has issued a statement on the High Level Political Forum's Ministerial Declaration (read in full here). Show your solidarity to the local movements, realities from the ground and women's human rights by signing the google form (below) 


The Women’s Major Group calls on all Member States to agree on a strong Ministerial Declaration in this High Level Political Forum. This declaration is the foundation for advancing and achieving the sustainable development goals put forth, agreed to and adopted by all members states in 2015. We urge the Member States for a full commitment to gender equality, women's human rights and Means of Implementation (MOI) including the universal nature of Agenda 2030. Without comprehensive and intentional means of implementation, the promise and potential of the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be fully realized.

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