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Keeping the 2030 Agenda Alive
The world already looks very different to the place it was when UN member states adopted the SDGs in September 2015. How can we ensure that the international community remains committed to the pledges it made?

Endocrine disrupting chemicals may lead to billions of euros in health care costs in Europe
A new research of the Utrecht University presents the socio-economic costs of EDC-associated diseases.

German partner organization atmosfair posts article on WECF's project in Georgia
The German organization for sustainable travelling Atmosfair recently posted an article on WECF´s project for clean energy in Georgia

“There is more than 99% probability that EDCs contribute to at least one disease”
Professor Transande discusses growing scientific evidence on adverse effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals
21.01.2016 | Chemical Watch

Armenia: 'Through Toxic-Free Products to Healthy Generation'
In the course of two years (2013-2015) WECFs partner AWHHE have successfully brought awareness of the issue regarding heavy metals to the top of the national chemicals agenda in Armenia

Under Pressure, Feminine Product Makers Disclose Ingredients
Women protest the chemical exposure in feminine care products outside Procter & Gamble’s headquarters in Cincennati.

Stop state-sponsored forced labour in Uzbekistan!
Sign the petition by Walk Free and Cotton Campaign

Victory for citizens, victory for the Human Right to Water!
Another milestone for the Human Right to Water.

Water and sanitation are a human right!
Just one last step to go! - Strasbourg 8 September 2015
04.09.2015 | Right2Water News Splash: special edition

Reverse the flows
EU G20 countries should stop funding fossil fuels and increase financial support for real climate solutions
03.09.2015 | CAN Europe