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Biodiversity & Food

WECF's overall goal for Safe Food Production and Sustainable Rural Development in the EU and EECCA region is that by 2020 all children, women and men have access to safe, regional, diverse and affordable food, free of hazardous chemicals, nano-particles and GMOs, based on fair trade and produced in harmony with nature and landscape, protecting water, soil, air and biodiversity.

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Latest News & Reports

WECF co-organising partner Green Pharmacy Conference 2017
The environmental cycle of medicines - an incentive for innovation in the human and veterinary medicine chain

Crossing the European Parliament Red Lines
European Commission TTIP proposal endangers public health, environment and democracy

We've made it - overwhelming success of our crowdfunding campaign!
In the last 4 weeks we run a crowdfunding campaign to collect 4.000€ to finance 15 Biogas Toilets for deprived families in Uganda. Thanks to your great support we can now build even more!

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Latest Press Release

Women warn UN High Level Political Forum could become futile if it does not address systemic obstacles to SDGs
Women2030, a women’s alliance working as part of the Women’s Major Group, gathered at the UN HLPF, warns about it failing to address key obstacles concerning the Sustainable Development Goals

Featured Project

Reducing the use of hazardous chemicals in developing countries
potential of implementing safer chemicals including non-chemical alternatives - tools for Georgia and the EECCA region
Donors: SAICM Quick Start Programme Trust Fund, UNEP
Partners: Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia, Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA), Georgian Ecological Agricultural Association (SEMA)
Duration: 07/2010 - 07/2012

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Latest Publications

Videos on WECF's EWA programme in Kyrgyzstan
WECF's EWA programme “Empower Women, Benefit for All” in rural Kyrgyzstan leads to women empowerment, income generation for women and improved living standards

EWA: Baseline Report for Tajikistan available
The gender livelihood and socio-economic study for Tajikistan prepared by the Youth Ecological Centre, Tajikistan, and WECF is now published.

EWA: Gender and Food Security
A guidance document for practitioners

Tajik women are forced to be dependent on men due to lack of land access
A study on women and farming in Tajikistan

Gender Livelihood and Socio Economic Study - Baseline Study Georgia
Gender sensitive needs assessment rural Georgia published

Organic Solutions and Gender Mainstreaming: Report on Training of Trainers and Findings in two Districts in Eastern Uganda
In this report method and content of the training are presented, and the findings on gender inequalities between men and women in Kween and Kapchorwa District

Report on Baseline Training Needs Assessment - Agriculture, Uganda
In this report the training and the finding of a needs assessment in the field of agriculture, carried out in Eastern Uganda, are presented

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