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UNFCC EWA side event

06.06.2014 | Bonn

Planning for Sustainable, Gender-Equitable and Climate-Proof Development

What criteria and targets for Climate and Post-2015 global and national plans are needed?

Event: UNFCCC Side Event
Date: Friday, 6 of June 2014   
Time: 13:15—14:45           
Place: Bonn


The event has the aims to give an overview about linkages between gender, climate and development from different perspectives and to address criteria and targets for Climate Change and the Post-2015 global and national plans, which are sustainable, gender-equitable and climate proof.


- “Climate Equity: Is development need coupled to greenhouse gas emissions. A women and gender perspective on development need.” By Sabine Bock, WECF – Women in Europe for a Common Future

- “Example for equitable, climate proof and sustainable development: a national appropriate mitigation activity (NAMA) for the energy sector in Georgia.” By Nino Gamisonia, RCDA – Rural Community Development Agency

- “Key messages from the women and gender constituency.” By Bridget Burns, WEDO – Women and Development Organization for the Women and Gender Constituency

- “The current discussion of the post-2015 process and on how Climate Change should be integrated in this framework in order to be complementary to the UNFCCC.” By Bernadette Fischer; WWF-UK

- “Climate Change within the Post-2015 Development Agenda; A Women´s Challenge” Carmen Capriles; Reacción Climática for the Women Major Group


 Moderator: Sascha Gabizon, WECF

- Invitation

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