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WECF and partners organise Central Asian Conference 2-4 July in the framework of the SDGs/Post 2015 process

02.07.2014 | Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

In July 2014 Governments at the United Nations are finalizing “Sustainable Development Goals” which will guide actions and finance for development in all countries, following the Millennium Development Goals post 2015. Time is ripe to return to the outcomes of the respective national consultations within various Central Asian countries to assess how regional and national demands are reflected in these goals and provide input to the final round of negotiations.

This high-level conference aims at bringing together governmental authorities, representatives from international organisations (UNDP, UN Women and others) as well as other national, regional and international stakeholders, including civil society, in order to discuss the major priorities and to shape the relevant input.

One day of the conference will be dedicated to national issues related to sustainable development and gender in the framework of the “Empower Women–Benefits to All” (EWA) project and its implementation and policy work within Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The second day will focus on regional concerns and calls for the last phase of the negotiations of the Sustainable Development Goals. The outcome document will contain specific recommendations from civil society for Governments of the region to shape the future.

The conference is organised by WECF International, ALGA, Social Technologies Agency, Social-Ecological Fund NGF, Youth Ecological Center, Agency for Support Development Process Nau,  CAAW, Mehr-Shavkat, KAWS.

To register for the conference, please send a message to the organizers:

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