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Chemicals & Health

WECF and its members advocate for non-chemical alternatives worldwide, based on three principles: polluter pays, reversal of the burden of proof and the precautionary principle, and will highlight the gaps and inadequacies in current legislation. WECF raises awareness amongst consumers and encourages them to ask questions about the products they allow into their homes. WECF does not only focus on toxic chemicals in consumer products. In Armenia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine old pesticide stockpiles pose a serious threat to the environment and public health. Partner organizations try to attract attention to these problems and cooperate with the local and national authorities to isolate or remove the stockpiles and reduce the threat to humans, animals and the environment.

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Latest News & Reports

Sudden shift in position Dutch Ministry of Environment regarding EDCs
Last week suddenly showed a shift in the position of the Dutch Ministry of Environment and in particular that of the Secretary of State for the Environment, regarding EDC policy
13.11.2014 | WECF

"Psychosocial factors on household level influence user acceptance of Ecosan Toilets"
Master thesis evaluates WECF Ecosan programme
24.10.2014 | WECF

WECF made 15 key recommendations for French public consultation on health and environment
Aim of consultation is to implement a national EDCS strategy

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Latest Press Release

Press kit of WECF's symposium on breast cancer and EDCs
100 participants participated in the symposium
20.10.2014 | WECF

Featured Project

Commission for Sustainable Development
WECF facilitates the participation of its members at UN conferences. WECF members present their experiences and recommendations to policy makers during the UN CSD every year
Donors: Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM); The Netherlands; Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuza), Development Cooperation, TMF programme, The Netherlands
Partners: Energia, Mama 86, WEDO, Eco Accord, Eco Forum, Bali Focus, Worldview Impact Foundation, Women against Nuclear Power, Women for Peace
Duration: 03/1999 - 08/2011

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Latest Publications

Balkan Training Kit
Chemical Safety of Toys

WECF and partners propose chemicals targets for Sustainable Development Goals
UNEP 2012 global chemicals report estimates close to 1 million deaths from harmful chemicals and pesticides each year

WECF report Textiles: Stop the chemical overdose!
Chemical contents of children's wear, textiles regulation, labels and more

New Publication on NCDs: Environmental factors one of the main causes of preventable deaths
Civil Society Groups release, in cooperation with UNEP, first publication about non-communicable diseases and environmental determinants
27.08.2013 | Joint Press Release

Pregnant Women and Unborn Babies Susceptibility to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
WECF Positionpaper for a stronger regulation on EDC

Toys Safety in the Balkans
Safe consumer products are a demand for countries to be able to join the European Union. WECF is helping out Albania and Macedonia in their struggle to improve the situation

WECF guide on Renovation and D.I.Y
The information brochure "Renovation & do it yourself" informs on avoiding hazardous chemicals in your home while renovating

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