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Energy & Climate

Climate change is the biggest environmental issue of our time and is about to pose a serious and global threat to sustainable development, poverty elimination, peace and human rights in the coming decades. Climate change is inextricably linked with energy concerns as two thirds of global emissions come from energy consumption.
WECF implements interrelated policies in both issues.

WECF aims to provide safe, affordable and renewable energy for low income households, bringing successful pilot projects to scale via innovative financial instruments. WECF promotes a switch away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy towards sustainable and decentralised alternatives. WECF empowers vulnerable groups to benefit from climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes. WECF promotes gender-positive energy solutions and integrates a gender perspective into global UN climate change negotiations.

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Latest News & Reports

Implementing SDG 5, 6 and 7 in Rural Uganda
Examples for gender-sensitive and sustainable WASH and energy systems and its implementation

Launching the 2nd Call for Gender-Just Climate Solutions!
The Women and Gender Constituency, of which WECF is a founding member, is very pleased to invite you to participate in the ‘Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards’ initiative for the upcoming UN climate negotiations (COP22) in Marrakech!

Last day to vote for our gender sensitive NAMA in Georgia!
WECF´s Energy and NAMA project in Georgia is competing in an award contest organised by the French Ministry of the Environment '100 projects for the Climate'

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Latest Press Release

Press Invitation Gender Workshop Bonn Climate Change Conference
Wednesday May 18 WECF will present the first ever gender-sensitive NAMA for the energy sector developed in Georgia, during a UNFCCC workshop on gender-responsive climate policy.

Featured Project

Support of climate protection via sustainable energy by training and capacity building of local partner NGOs in Caucasus and Central Asia and networking between them
„Förderung des Klimaschutzes durch nachhaltige Energie mittels Training, Kapazitätsausbau und Vernetzung lokaler NRO-Partner im Kaukasus und in Zentralasien“
Donors: German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety / gtz
Partners: Armenian Women for Health and a Healthy Environment (AWHHE), The Green Movement of Georgia, Social Development Center Akhaltsikhe, RCDA – Rural Centre Development Agency, SEMA, Kaukasus Environment, EKOT, Ecological Movement "BIOM", Public Foundation "Camp Alatoo", Foundation „Habitat for Humanity“ Kyrgyzstan, Public Association "Ulgu", Civic Environmental Foundation "UNISON", Mountain Club Jabagly Manas, Eco Museum Karaganda, Little Earth, ASPD NAU, SAFO, Mehriban
Duration: 10/2008 - 03/2009

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Latest Publications

EWA: "Empower Women - Benefit (for) All"
The EWA Project in Georgia - an overview

Case Study: gender-sensitive climate mitigation action - NAMA
Recommendations, best practices and lessons learned from developing the first „Gender Sensitive“ NAMA - National Appropriate Mitigation Action, in Georgia

WECF’s Position Paper on EEHP, WHO MTR in Haifa 2015
Eco Forum, HEAL, WECF International and undersigned signatories present position paper on EEHP

Proposal for Gender-Equitable, Climate Proof and Sustainable Development in Georgia
A National Appropriate Mitigation Activity (NAMA) for the energy sector in Georgia

Video: Energy Efficiency, Solar Collectors and our Energy Projects in Ukraine
Our Ukrainian partners Yury Urbansky (NECU) and Oksana Maiboroda (Ecoclub) talking about energy efficiency, solar collectors and our energy project.

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