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Solar Fruit Driers

Many people in rural areas live on fruit production. Production of dry fruit is especially popular in the whole EECCA region, since climate is dry and sunny. Dry fruits can be stored and transported easily even across long distances. So they can be sold much better and at a much higher price on the market than fresh fruits.

Picture 1: Simple solar fruit drier, here with tea leaves, Najakhao, Georgia

As sun radiation is high in nearly the whole EECCA region, solar fruit driers are a very good possibility for hygienic and fast drying of fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs, spices, etc. Fruit driers are easy to construct with affordable, locally available materials. WECF partners are using different models of fruit driers.

Pictures 2 and 3: Small solar fruit drier at SEMA demonstration farm, Ereda, Georgia

Pictures 4, 5, 6: Solar fruit driers at RCDA demonstration center, Misaktsieli, Georgia