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Women`s request after the Kyoto Water Forum

European Women’s input into the 3. World Water Forum in Kyoto


The women’s organisations present in Kyoto  cooperated to bring forward the perspective of women into the ministerial meetings as well as in the sessions organised by the other stakeholders. Furthermore, WECF together with NVR, MAMA-86, NetWwater, BPW and Medium&Sanitas organised two sessions on gender initiatives, and co-organised the daily women’s caucus meeting where the women’s organisations agreed on common advocacy activities.

During our Europe-day session and during our Gender-day session, women from grass-roots organisations from Romania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka presented their work on practical replicable programmes. They showed how they are already implementing activities to provide access to drinking water and sanitation, and suggested that governments learn from these projects and promote their replication.

The projects had been filmed on location in the 4 weeks preceding the Forum, and the films were shown during the sessions. In this way, even though only few grass roots women were present in Kyoto, a large number of the grass-roots women could present their work and recommendations to the audience in Kyoto via these documentaries.

Download the full version of the Women`s request after the Kyoto Water Forum (doc.) .