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Co-operation for Sustainable Rural Development in the Ukraine

The summary report on the first project period.


Sustainble Rural Development

In the 1st period of the project ‘Sustainable Rural Development' a great amount of activities were carried out in the three pilot areas, the villages of Vorothka (Yarmeche, Ivanofrankivsk oblast), Bobrik (Verjevka, Nizhin) and Gozhuly (Poltava). In this period the activities 1 and 2 were carried out,:

The project inception, including:
  • the launch meeting with all the team from MAMA-86 and WECF
  • the setting up of the webpages,
the inventory and setting up of local project structures:
  • carrying out 3 gender-economic-social analysis
  • 3 gender workshops
  • at least 10 detailed laboratory water test and app. 50 rapid tests in the 3 target areas
  • the development of the educational brochures (not yet printed)
  • hydrogeological background and health data were obtained from authorities
  • 3 project teams were set up
Progress of the Rural demonstration project - Vorokhta

The following activities were carried out:
  • As a first step for this MATRA project, the local authorities carried out an engineering and business plan for the development of a central water supply, based on the requests by MAMA-86
  • First fact-finding visit and first international expert meeting with the local authorities was carried out in November 2003
  • one Water test on pesticide, 36 metals and several micro biological tests and rapid nitrate tests were carried out, water quality better then expected, but high turbidity and non-stable sources,
  • hydrogeological information, not-complete, were obtained
  • A clean-up action to take away waste from the river banks ??  carried out,??is an additional planned activitiy
  • Gender-Economic-Analysis was carried out, which identified problems, priorities and social-economic conditions
  • A public-event was organized to discuss the preliminary results of the engineering and business plan
  • The preliminary business and engineering  plan was analysed and questions discussed with the local authorities, which first lead to a slight crisis situation as the LAs did not appreciate very much the criticism inherent in the questions, but a solution has been found

Download the full version of the Summary Report (doc.)