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No Drinking Water

Three documentaries on women and water now available on CD-rom/DVD. Find out more...


WECF co-produced three documentaries on practical water improvement projects in Romania, Ukraine and Sri Lanka. The films can be seen in English, French and the original languages (Ukrainian, Romanian). They can be obtained against cost of reproduction for educational use by women’s organisations, environmental NGOs and schools. The films have been shown at 15 international film festivals this year. This tryptich documentary covers three countries, and three stories:

Download: the introduction flyer on the documentary No Drinking Water (pdf.) (1.2 MB)

No No Drinking Water

A triptych documentary about women`s struggles for access to safe drinking water in Romania, Ukraine and Sri Lanka.
No Drinking Water P Romania, 23X
Water Mamas P Ukraine, 23X
Water; catalyst for peace P Sri Lanka, 32X
Total duration: 78 minutes, O.V. with subtitles in English
Women in Europe for a Common Future
Presented by NVR Netherlands Women`s Council
Louise de Colignystaat 44
NL-2595 SR, the Hague
tel. 00 31 70 346 93 04
fax 00 31 70 345 93 46
With financial support from the Netherlands
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, In-kind support
from MAMA-86 Ukraine, Medium & Sanitas
Romania and NetWater Sri Lanka, 2003
Directed by Marina Galimberti
Produced by Rapsode Production
9, rue du Transvaal
75020 Paris, France
Tel: 00 33 - 1 43 49 01 66
Production: Rapsode Production, France and WECF, Netherlands
Women in Europe for a Common Future

No Drinking Water

Romania, 23 minutes
The women of Garla Mare, a Romanian village on the Danube river, are taking action to improve the quality of the drinking water of
their wells. The water is polluted with nitrates, bacteria and pesticides. This is an innovating experience; the film shows how citizenīs are getting involved to find together concrete solutions
- both sustainable and inexpensive - to address the pollution, illnesses and poverty.

Water Mamas

Ukraine, 23 minutes
Water is a common good and not a merchandise. Water should not be a source of profit, but is the source of life. Through their determination and courage, these Ukrainian mothers, worried about the effects of pollution on their children`s health, have become exemplary leaders: their original and successful actions have
encouraged the participations of thousands of other citizenīs in a fight for improved public services and for the rights of consumers.

Water:Catalyst for Peace

Sri Lanka, 32 minutes
Akurana, a rural town in Kandy province, is one of the more populated areas of Sri Lanka. Three different communities the Singalese, Tamils and Muslims fight over a river.The river Pinga
Oya which the 3 communities share, is very polluted, over-consumed and infringed upon by illegal building. The river has become a source of conflict.The women of the 3 communities believe that the river can become a source of peace. This film shows how their project promotes inter-ethnic and inter-generational solidarity around actions to improve river basin management.
Total duration: 78 minutes
O.V. with subtitles in English

Co-produced by WECF
Directed by Marina Galimberti