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Study prepared for WECF: Biogas production in climates with long cold winters

WECF committed the Wageningen University of Research, the Netherlands (WUR) to do a study on the visibility and affordability of biogas production in climates with cold winters.


The study was carried out by an inter-discipliner team of Master of Science students under supervision of Professor Grietje Zeeman. This report informs about the background of biogas production, that includes steps of anaerobic digestion, some experiences of biogas plant under cold climates, temperature analysis of the target countries and substrates in relation to biogas production.

The need to provide affordable energy for poor communities is of great importance world wide. This is just the same for poor communities in European countries. This study analyses the feasibility and potential production of biogas in these countries with emphasis on Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Comparison of the use of the biogas plants is done from India, China, Nepal and Bolivia and literature review is done as well before suggesting the same technology for the colder target communities. Suggestions are made on whether to use the plants on household or community level afterwards.