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Policy Recommendations by the Women’s Major Group on global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Post-­‐2015 Development Agenda

10 Recommendations for the Sustainable Development Agenda and the Post-­‐2015 Development Agenda


The Women Major Group has a Southern-lead team of authors which have drafted a discussion paper with a women's perspective on Sustainable Development Goals - a key outcome of the Rio+20 conference – and their link to the Post 2015 development agenda. The WMG discussion paper is a work in progress which continues to provide the basis for policy statements for the ongoing policy discussion. Some of the key points have been been drafted into a summary with 10 key recommendations.
  • Ensuring human rights, women's rights and gender equality
  • Economic models that do not deplete natural resources and the earth carrying capacities
  • Ensuring environmental health for all
  • Moratoria on unsustainable technologies
  • Ending corporate power over public resources and governance by strengthening the role of the democratic and transparent state
  • Safe and sustainable energy and climate protection
  • Ensuring food sovereignty and halting land grabbing for all
  • Global Social Protection and equal pay
  • Universal and popular education
  • Eliminating asymmetries of power in the process of SDG and Post2015

Download the publication here and see the recommendations in detail. 

The Women's Major Group (WMG) is one of the civil society groups which has its own representation in the United Nations processes Sustainable Development and Environment.  WECF is part of the WMG's coordinating core-group, together with DAWN - Development Alternatives with Women for a New era, WEDO-Women Environment Development Organisation and GFC-Global Forest Coalition and supported by an active steering committee.