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WECF publishes Uganda Organic Agriculture Training Guide
A guide for trainers and NGO's giving trainings on organic agriculture to subsistence farmers

Revised Manual on Principles, Operation, Construction of Urine Diverting Dry Toilets
After almost 10 years the WECF manual on Urine Diverting Dry Toilets for households, principles, operation and construction was revised.

How to integrate gender aspects into sustainable development trainings?
ALGA and WECF developed a gender manual, dealing with gender issues & sustainable development in both English and Russian

Balkan Training Kit
Chemical Safety of Toys

Updated Publication: Construction of solar collectors for warm water. Practical guide
Updated version of the solar collector manual is now available in English and Russian

WECF guide on Renovation and D.I.Y
The information brochure "Renovation & do it yourself" informs on avoiding hazardous chemicals in your home while renovating

WECF guide on EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals)
The WECF information brochure "Stop EDCs in everyday products" informs you how to avoid exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals in your daily life

Water Safety Plan Compendium: Local Action for Safe Water
Educational Materials for Teachers for Developing Water Safety Plans with Youth in Rural Bulgarian Schools

WECF Guide to Baby Care and Personal Care
The WECF information brochure "Baby Care" and "Personal Care" informs you how to avoid exposure to hazardous substances in your and your baby's care products

The Human Right to Water and Sanitation - Training Materials in both English and Moldovan
Access to clean water and access to sanitation are inseparably combined since both are needed for a life in dignity and the lack of one component leads to an aggravation of the other