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Water & Sanitation

Safe Water and Sustainable Sanitation for All - WECF implements decentralised, safe sustainable and affordable sanitation systems for rural areas and promotes in particular access to safe water and sanitation for schools. WECF raises awareness and mobilises citizens for sustainable water and wastewater management and promotes community based and affordable water supply systems for rural areas without a centralised drinking water supply. WECF and partners represent civil society in the UNECE Protocol on Water and Health process and advocate for an integrated and sustainable approach to water resource and river basin management.

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Latest News & Reports

International Hand Washing Day in Kyrgyz Bokonbaevo village
Hand wash training under guidance of WECF's partner KAWS

Macedonia (FYROM):Tested small-scale water supplies are not safe
Schools and WECF tested small-scale water supplies in the Arachinova and Vratnica community on nitrate and bacterial contamination.

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Latest Press Release

#MenstruationMatters: How ecosan can help improve health and school attendance of girls
WECF teams up with WASH united for Menstrual Hygiene Day

Featured Project

Safe Sanitation, Health and Dignity
Implementation of dry urine diverting toilets and and waste water soil filters for schools and private households
Donors: Fondation Ensemble, France, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuza), The Netherlands (for Ukraine); Royal Netherlands Embassy in Romania; Province Overijssel Netherlands
Partners: Black Sea Womens' Club, Earth Forever Foundation, EuroTeleorman Association, Femei pentru un Viitor Curat (Women for a Clean Future), MAMA-86, Medium et Sanitas Slobozia
Duration: 10/2007 - 09/2010

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Latest Publications

Developing a Water and Sanitation Safety Plan in a Rural Community
This Compendium aims to enable communities to develop a WSSP for small-scale water supplies, e.g. dug wells, boreholes, springs and piped centralised water supply systems, and as well as to assess the quality of sanitation facilities such as school toilets.

Improving Water and Sanitation through Decentralized Cooperation in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan
A feasibility study carried out in the frame of the UNDP Global Water Solidarity Platform

Home Comforts in Kyrgyzstan – An Introduction by video
This film, created by WECF partner KAWS, welcomes its viewer into the homes of Kyrgyz people whose communities have been positively impacted in recent years by the introduction of several environmental technologies.

"Opportunities to Stimulate Local Economies through Sustainable Innovations for Home Comfort"
Gender-sensitive feasibility study for rural areas in Issyk Kul and Naryn

Pure Water: Constructed Wetlands in Bulgaria
WECF has produced an informative video on the constructed wetland in Bulgaria

Water Safety Plan Compendium: Local Action for Safe Water
Educational Materials for Teachers for Developing Water Safety Plans with Youth in Rural Bulgarian Schools

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