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Armenia: Women for a healthy rural development

Armenian Women actors of change for chemical free rural development


Countries: Armenia, France
Donors: Région Rhône-Alpes, Le Fonds pour l'environnement Mondial (GEF), Marisla Foundation (US), Vekst Foundation (Norvège), Counterpart International (USAID)
Partners: AWHHE, Armenia
Issues: Gender & Rights, Agriculture
Duration: 04/2014 - 05/2016

From September 2012, WECF became a proud partner for a rural development project in Armenia. This project aims to promote gender equality and empower women by encouraging a more active and stronger participation of Armenian women and girls in the development of their villages and the rural economy.

Achieved: Two exchange travels were organised; one in Armenia and the other in France, to reinforce the links between the French and Armenian women farmers and to promote healthy agriculture and exchanging information on agricultural practices and the effect of gender inequalities on farming in rural areas.  In Armenia 120 women were trained on sustainable agriculture and 4 Resources Centres have become operational. A successful French crowdfunding campaign paid for a solar oven to increase the production of dried fruits.

First objective of the overall project was to empower local women, wishing to start their own micro-enterprises through training on economic mechanisms and income-generating activities. These empowering activities predominantly take place in four Armenian villages (Ditak, Solak, Voskevan and Saghmosavan) and are provided by WECF’s long standing partner AWHHE, Armenian Women for Health and Environment. The second objective is mobilizing women in resource centers and smaller support networks and promoting income-generating activities. Therefore, a resource centre was created with the support of local authorities. Third and last objective is strengthening the role of women within the community in partnership with the Network of Rural Women Rhône Alpes. This particular partnership is hosted by WECF France with the following overall results:

  • Local women will gain knowledge and information on sustainable livelihoods.
  • The social status of local women will be improved by strengthening the capacity of women to support themselves and those of their families.
  • 4 centers for the mobilization of women will be established.4 social enterprises (cooperatives) for the production of dried foods are created.


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