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Abestos and POPs in Kazakhstan

Civil society and sound hazardous waste management, asbestos and POPs, in Kazakhstan

15.04.2010 | WECF Project

Countries: Kazakhstan
Donors: European Commission, EuropeAID; Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Germany
Partners: EcoCenter Kazakhstan, Greenwomen Kazakhstan, University of Kassel, Germany
Issues: Chemicals & Health
Duration: 01/2009 - 10/2010

Kazakhstan is one of the biggest producers and consumers of asbestos. People are exposed to asbestos in their homes and livelihoods, in regions of asbestos mining and in contact with asbestos waste. There is no evaluation of diseases caused by asbestos and POPs, not even information about their dangers.

This topic is very relevant to e.g. vulnerable groups, highly exposed groups like workers, inhabitants of mining areas and waste areas because they suffer from exposure and even do not know that places where they live and work or go to school are highly dangerous for their health.

To raise awareness, provide information, educate trainers, building networks, strengthen citizens capacities and develop solution strategies to present state authorities will help to reduce the use of asbestos and POPs and clean up contaminated waste sites.

WECF in cooperation with EcoCenter, Greenwomen and the University of Kassel have convened so far a High-Level Conference on Asbestos and POPs in Astana and conducted trainings in several cities of Kazakhstan.

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